IT Business

IT business

Our Strength

  •  Experienced and professional team

    Experienced and professional team

    Global Style's specialized team consists of advanced engineers who not only possess specialized knowledge and high skills, but also have the ability to accurately grasp the front-line trends and market needs of the industry and respond flexibly and agilely. In addition, global style engineers are active in various industries as advanced engineers who not only focus on the immediate goals of a project, but also on the ability to discover and solve problems from a medium- to long-term perspective.

  • Extensive product lineup

    Extensive product lineup

    Global Style has earned the trust of many customers as a technology partner of Japan's leading companies focusing on Infrastructure, security and provides support in various industries such as finance, insurance, manufacturing, robotics, construction, temporary staffing, dining, logistics and infrastructure. In addition, we have a team of technical experts providing support for security devices, IoT devices, robotics solutions, AI solutions, etc.

  • Partnerships


    Global Style provides customers with the best solutions to their problems through "human heart-to-heart connections" and "services based on people and technology". We face our customers management issues head-on and provide IT solutions that increases business value. As our customers business partners, we will continue to focus more and more on providing solutions and services that are based on human resource and technology company.
    To be an attractive partner, we have established rules to be followed in various areas such as corporate ethics and compliance, and we are working to reduce risks and strengthen our competitiveness through regular education.

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Our Products

Help organization with the power of technology. This is our mission. With a new way of thinking, the following products have value that have never been seen before.