A web platform, CISO + Security dashboard developed by Kloudynet (Microsoft Gold Partner and Experts in Azure, Cybersecurity & Governance). Intelligent Automation to provide full visibility across all the security products, multiple cloud platforms (Azure, AWS, GCP), and the organization’s security posture.

Corporate perimeter is melting, and remote work is the new normal. The threat landscape is becoming more sophisticated and hence more advanced cybersecurity skills are required. Our Mission is to provide an end-to-end and comprehensive threat monitoring and response to protect customers from any kind of cyberattacks. We deliver a modern SOC with AI infused automation playbooks and remediation methods.

Top Cloud Security Challenges

Top Cloud Security Challenges

At Global Style, we have had the privilege to work with some of the larger customers on their Hybrid cloud deployments and management across Asia. Based on the customer feedback from the field, we realized that there was a pressing need to bring in all the Security threat detection solutions under one roof.

How to Consolidate multiple security tools into a single threat detection and response solution for Hybrid Cloud platforms.

How to have Simplified visualization of complex attacks and understanding of how they progress across a kill chain for CISOs and Management to the view the Security.

How to Automate response capabilities that can help block attacks in progress.

How to have advanced analytics that can detect and identify modern sophisticated attacks.

How to Reduce the number of escalations to higher-skilled security analysts and Prioritization of security incidents/alerts based upon severity of attack and proximity to critical business assets.

When you are concerned about data sovereignty; how to ensure that your data and systems meet your regulatory requirements.

Kloudysecure Advantage

Kloudysecure Advantage

We see XDR and SIEM as a potential path to helping our customers detect, identify, and understand complex attacks across the kill chain. This means investing in a solution with simplified visualization across the attack chain, and advanced analytics capable of correlating signals from many sources. Organizations need automated response capabilities. This will be especially effective if XDR and SIEM solutions can block attacks and update rule sets across endpoints, networks, servers, and cloud-based workloads. With our XDR and SOC solution, we enable our customers to detect attacks fast and enable remediation with world class automation.

Maximize ROI

Reducing the 24/7 round year in-house operating costs by providing a fully managed service.

Single Pane of glass

Proprietary CISO dashboard which provides the view of the Security Posture across products and platforms.

Data Ownership

Data and security alerts stay in customers' cloud environment.


Advanced automated detection and response with Kloudynet custom playbooks

Security Data in Silos

Bringing all the security data into a single solution

Reduce Complexity

Filtering the noise out of alerts for better security investigations using built-in ML and AI

Fast, seamless deployment

Offering provides a FastTrack onboarding of XDR and SIEM for customers providing better value for investment

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Feature Basic Premium
Detection & Response (1 hour - Critical incidents)

Threat Remediation

Basic Threat Hunting

Microsoft XDR Deployment

Basic playbook library

Basic Data Connector Onboarding

Ongoing monitoring and analysis (24x7)

CISO Dashboard

Custom Incident Response Action playbooks

Custom Threat Intelligence

Advanced Data Connector Onboarding

On-Demand Premier & Advisory Support

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