Security should not be an afterthought or an overhead but integral part of design itself.

Our services focus on:

Protecting End point

Protecting Connectivity

Protecting Identity & Access

Protecting Data everywhere

Monitor & Audit for Continuous Improvement

Key Security Principles

Key Security Principles

Having worked over a decade with Japanese clients from Financial sector, Global Style experts are well poised to provide end to end IT security services that driven by below key principles.

Layered approach

No single security measure (product or process) can guarantee 100% safety as attackers will always find alternate ways to compromise systems. Hence having multiple layers of security brings the system closer to being impenetrable. These layers can be from single product performing single and/or multi-pass algorithms. It can even be combination of products and processes.

Balance with Ease of use

Security is necessary but it cannot overwhelm the functionality of the system and make it difficult to use. This impacts the IT service the system provides and further Business itself. Right balance between security and function is therefore critical and can be achieved with right design, making security transparent to users, using machine learning, analytics for proactive security.

People are the key

A chain is only strong as its weakest link. People are the weakest link in every security chain. Hence security systems should be protected by human errors. This requires both of strong security platforms and processes. Platforms should minimize the opportunities for people from making mistakes and processes should bring awareness and order to the way people handle IT Security, Change management, Data handling, System access, Identities etc. Security risk by use of common passwords by users and risk mitigation with multi factor authentication is a good example of this principle.

Our Offerings

Our services focus on depth analysis of the business function and implementing the right IT security which would find right balance between impenetrable and impractical. We provide turnkey solutions from consultancy, implementations to managed operations in the below areas.



    We provide comprehensive Security Assessment along with Managed services for Enterprise Mobility Management, MDM, MAM, Desktop Security, EDR, BYOD, Win10 Security, Cloud Managed Security, Remote Access, VDI and Multi Factor Authentication.



    Our Security solutions cover both on-premise and on-cloud network at different layers of network stack. Combined with our In-house solutions for SD-WAN Infinxt and Automation Infiworx, we cover all stages of IT Security Life cycle Management.



    On-premise and Cloud Data Center Security solutions covering your Operating system hardening, Virtualization stack and Storage security. Coupled with solutions for Privileged Identity Management and Audit systems to secure Change management.



    Holistic solution following Microsoft Cloud Security Framework for complete governance and security of your cloud workloads. Supported with our In-house product Kloudy Secure as well as Cloud based solutions like Nutanix Beam, ZScaler, Palo Alto, we provide Security As A Service.

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