"Everything is connected."

Regardless of the IT Service, the quality and availability of the service depends on the entire end to end Network path.

At Global Style, we offer services to maintain, enhance and secure the critical aspect of being connected, from anywhere and any device.

Key Network Principles

Key Network Principles

With over 50+ networking experts working various aspects of networking like traditional OSI model network to modern day software defined networking, Global Style brings rich expertise and experience to morph into new era of simple, reliable, cost effective and flexible networking. Below are some of our key principles that drive our vision.

Decouple Intelligence

Software Defined approach of Networking has gone beyond simply virtualization of network functions. By decoupling intelligence of the network from underlying hardware resources, it becomes more flexible, more programmable, more reliable. This paves the way for innovation, automation and further optimization of cost, quality and adaptability. With advent of Cloud services, IPv6, IoT, global-flexible workforce, it is critical to make this transition to Software Defined Networking.


Network is the backbone of all IT services. It is therefore natural for organizations to focus on its availability, quality and security. But majority of the efforts is spent on 'keeping the lights on' and so any major changes, innovations, improvement plans take backseat for operational and maintenance tasks. These operational tasks are repetitive and follow certain pattern making them prime candidate for Automation. This approach further leads to reduction on human dependency, making it error free, allowing an organization to focus on improvement and security of network.

Different Networks, Singular Experience

IT services for an organization is going beyond the boundaries of Data Center. Consumers for the IT services like your customers, employees, vendors, partners etc. are also no longer location specific. Network should be available regardless with same quality and connectivity experience whether connecting from outside or inside. Security layers can be different, but resources accessibility should be defined by RBAC or location and not by network quality or type of device. That is true virtue of modern network, always secure, available everywhere, from any device.

Our Offerings

Our services focus on the continuous evolution of your IT Network,
driven by key principles above and addressing below areas to provide you with single touch support for all your networking needs.



    Transform your enterprise network to Software Defined Networking, with us helping you identify right use case, right solution and right SDN functionality to adopt (like micro-segmentation, VNF, NFV, VxLAN extensions across sites etc.) With our hands-on experience, we focus on challenges and transition to help you reach your end goals.



    We specialize in Migration Projects for IPV4 to IPV6 transition, Data Center relocation.
    Adoption, hybrid integration and migration of network in cloud services.
    Joining networks (loose or tight coupling) for Mergers and Acquisitions use cases. Network topology transition, End of Life device replacement.



    Our industry expertise and strategic vendor partnerships have the proven capability to design, build, and manage your enterprise networks, SD-WAN networks, Wired/Wireless LAN. Aimed to deliver high performance and availability, integrating software-defined and legacy technology across multivendor infrastructures on-premise and on-cloud.



    Leverage our team of experts and widely adopted Network Automation tool - Infiworx to shift your Network from cost center to innovation center. Covering range of networking vendors, we automate entire Life Cycle management and operations of your network. Our ability to customize as per your IT processes, delivers smooth and effective transition.

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