Cloud is inevitable.

Every organization is already using Cloud service directly or indirectly.

With so many options of Cloud offerings, as a consumer, organizations are spoilt for choice. It starts with choosing the RIGHT cloud and managing cloud in the RIGHT way.

We focus on making the Cloud work for you and your business goals.

Key Cloud Principles

Key Cloud Principles

Leverage our 15+ years of experience transforming monolithic data center into boundary less software defined enterprise cloud. Having moved data centers from main frames to physical x86 servers, further into virtualized everything data center and now into multi-cloud, server-less computing cloud, we have identified key principles of cloud strategy.

Build to Adapt

Traditionally, systems are Build to Last, but business is going through Continuous Transformation and so should the IT support it. With multiple choices for cloud services, it is desired to have Loose Coupling with your cloud choices so as to keep IT flexible to changing business demands driven by cost, changing landscape (like recent pandemic), service quality. Hence cloud strategy (private, public, hybrid) should have close working with its service providers but avoid lock-in's.

Cost and Compliance

Adopting cloud services (private or public) and/or data center modernization is driven by ease of use and cost benefits. This cost can be further optimized by matching the right workload to right cloud type. Compliance (including governance, security and control) is also key deciding factor in the equation. Reading the terms and policy, analyze long term predictive cost (TCO and ROI) prior to cloud journey is an important factor to avoid pitfalls when using Cloud.

Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE)

Rate of evolution of cloud (types, footprint, list of services etc.) is dramatically progressing. Cloud strategy needs to be flexible to leverage this evolution to tackle business demands and unexpected changes (like pandemics). This needs to be driven by team of cloud strategists and experts comprising of stakeholders from IT, Business, Vendors, Partners etc. This is not a Day 1 deliverable but long-term initiative for IT to remain competent and move from driving cost to driving business.

Our Offerings



    We analyze how business applications are hosted in the current environment to chart the safest and fastest course to best fit cloud. The advisory determines what to migrate, how to migrate and which cloud to migrate to so that organizations can meet their business goals while reducing CAPEX and TCO.



    Organizations that want to migrate applications, systems and storage to a cloud environment for scalability, improved productivity and lowered capital and operating costs, this service accelerates time to market, without compromising security and compliance, picking up from any stage onto its completion.



    We focus on managing private, hybrid and public cloud environments. This includes track and report on cost and consumption, optimization recommendations, performance and availability monitoring. All of these are enabled with streamlined and automated processes and workflows for faster delivery and reduced costs.



    We offer reliable capabilities to re-factor, re-architect and build new products and services using Cloud native services. With over a decade of Cloud engineering experience and strong alliance partnerships, we have steered several clients in their Cloud transformation journey with our services and products.



    Based on Microsoft's Cloud Governance framework, we customize our product, Kloudy Secure, to deliver the same security, compliance laws, approval processes that govern your IT for your cloud without compromising on cost control and optimization along with ease and speed of deployment.



    A sound cloud strategy depends on the flawless integration of applications, systems, and storage between cloud and on-premises infrastructure while maintaining flexibility. Our Cloud Integration service orchestrates strategy, development, and management of integration services.